Rehabilitate stronger from injury and surgery

Whether you undergo surgery, are recovering from an injury, face physical limitations, or experience minor aches and pains, the rehabilitation process can be slow and frustrating. Incorporating KAATSU’s noninvasive protocols into your rehabilitation regime reduces muscle atrophy and ensures rapid recovery.

Incorporating KAATSU into an overall physical therapy program is effective for individuals with more severe physical limitations due to traumatic brain injuries, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), cerebral palsy, and muscular dystrophy. KAATSU can be used as a therapeutic treatment that helps mitigate the effects of muscle wasting conditions or an inability to use your limbs for a certain period as your body heals. Significantly impaired or immobile patients are also able to use KAATSU to improve muscle strength or skin tone, increase range of motion, and decrease pain levels.

More ways to use Kaatsu…

Increase Performance

Improve your strength, speed, stamina, and mobility for recreational or elite athletes and people from all walks of life.

Speed up Recovery

Recover faster from travel fatigue, jet lag, training, and competition

More Longevity

Increase the health lifespan while fighting sarcopenia and restoring vascular elasticity.

KAATSU B2 – Wireless Version

Expected mid November 2023

Pre Order for the B2 is now open

KAATSU C4- Wired Version

Expected January 2024

Pre-order for the C4 is now open