Anti-Aging & Preventative Care

Increase the elasticity of your capillaries even while sitting down

Maintain muscle strength and firmness

Improve stamina and VO2 max

Maintain or improve your sense of balance and fine motor control

Exercise anywhere anytime at your home, in the office or during travel

Whether you are completely de-conditioned or among the most fit among people of your age, KAATSU can enhance your wellness and improve your level of fitness.

More ways to use Kaatsu…

Increase Performance

Improve your strength, speed, stamina, and mobility for recreational or elite athletes and people from all walks of life.

Speed up Recovery

Recover faster from travel fatigue, jet lag, training, and competition

Faster Rehabilitation

Rehabilitate more quickly from surgery and injuries of muscle, bone, ligaments, tendons.

KAATSU B2 – Wireless Version

Expected mid November 2023

Pre Order for the B2 is now open

KAATSU C4- Wired Version

Expected January 2024

Pre-order for the C4 is now open