KAATSU Certification Program


A Certified KAATSU Specialist knows how to properly, safely and effectively use KAATSU equipment and identify the optimal pressure for the KAATSU Air Bands.

Easy 3-Step Process

To become a Certified KAATSU Specialist, follow this 3-step process:

  1. Purchase a KAATSU product package which includes access to the KAATSU Certification and Training Program.
  2. Begin the online training, which is provided inside the website kaatsuperformance.com
  3. Pass the KAATSU Specialist Certification test inside the website kaatsuperformance.com and get listed as a KAATSU Certified Specialist.

After you pass the exam…

After the KAATSU Certification Test is successfully passed, you will receive your unique Certified KAATSU Specialist ID number and passcode. Use this ID number and passcode to operate your KAATSU Master or KAATSU Nano.

If you do not pass the online KAATSU Certification Test on the first attempt, the correct answers will be displayed if you score at least 50% correct.  If you score less than 50%, please make sure that you have gone through all points of the Course Outline. KAATSU Global wants you to understand all the information and become proficient in conducting KAATSU sessions.

If you have questions about the test or the course material, please email us at info@kaatsuspecialist.co.uk or call our toll-free telephone number at 0800 865 4299

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KAATSU Online Certification Test

The KAATSU Online Certification Test is the culminating activity of the online education program provided by KAATSU Global, Inc.

KAATSU Specialist Waiver Agreement

KAATSU Global Certified KAATSU Specialist Agreement


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