KAATSU BFR Air bands are only available for existing KAATSU users with a Kaatsu device.

You can use them only with an Original Kaatsu BFR device for Blood Flow Restriction Training.


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KAATSU the Original Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) is generically described by Japanese physicians as Blood Flow Modification due to a variety of factors including the specific design and engineering of the KAATSU Air Bands.

After 35 years of Research Kaatsu is the World Leader in Blood Flow Restriction Training and is the Only Original BFR device on the market that is following Dr. Sato’s 35 years Research for Safety.

  1. Stretchable Material for BFR

The AirBands are designed to reduce venous flow (blood flow back to the torso).The AirBands do not occlude arterial flow (blood flow to the limbs). This is very different from blood pressure cuffs that are specifically designed to occlude (cut off) blood flow to the limbs. 

  1. Patented BFR Width

The Width of Kaatsu BFR AirBands is also much different than a blood pressure cuff or a Non Kaatsu BFR band (i.e., it avoids arterial flow occlusion).

Kaatsu BFR Patented AirBands very importantly allow for ease of movement of the limbs (for walking, running, cycling, calisthenics, physical therapy, swimming, throwing, pulling, pushing or any specific movements required in sports or fitness).

  1. Unique BFR Function

Kaatsu BFR AirBands include baffles and a stretchable air bladder that inflates uniformly and towards the limb, precisely controlled by the KAATSU monitoring units (e.g., KAATSU Master 3.0, KAATSU C4, KAATSU B2).

  1. Maximum BFR Safety

Kaatsu BFR AirBands can be immediately deflated by either pushing buttons on the monitoring units, depressing the value on the connectors, or releasing the Velcro on the AirBands.

  1. Safe For All Ages

Kaatsu BFR AirBands and Devices including the whole Kaatsu Method are specifically designed and engineered to follow the 35 year research of Dr. Sato and the Japanese team.

Users of all ages can use it with maximum safety. The Patented Width, the Stretchable Material, 35 years of Research and the unique Kaatsu BFR function make it the safest BFR bands on the market without any risk of Occlusion (stop the blood flow).


KAATSU is a safe and effective form of exercise, rehabilitation and recovery invented in Japan in 1966.

Patented pneumatic equipment enables your arms and legs to modify venous flow which leads to a cascade of positive physiological effects.

Automated Mechanism

A Patented Algorithm automatically controls the Kaatsu devices in order to safely apply air in the Kaatsu AirBands.

Blood Flow Increase

We have an increase in Blood Flow which helps to reach even the most remote and deepest capillaries of the body.

Natural Secretion of Biomarkers

We have a release of Beneficial Biomarkers like Nitric Oxide, Insulin Growth Factor, Human Growth Hormone etc.

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Automated Mechanism

The Automated mechanism is a patented algorithm and controlled by Kaatsu devices in order to safely apply air in the Kaatsu Air Bands.

Blood Flow Increase

We have an increase in Vascular Elasticity which helps to promote Blood Flow and reach the remote and deepest capillaries of the body.

Natural Secretion of Biomarkers

We have a release of Beneficial Biomarkers like Nitric Oxide, Insulin Growth Factor, Human Growth Hormone etc.


KAATSU is the Original BFR (Blood Flow Restriction), the fastest emerging physical therapy and performance modality in the United States.

Academic institutions of top level support Kaatsu with decades of extensive research. This research has been conducted in and outside of Japan.

articles written by media focus on the KAATSU equipment, applications, software, apps and protocols in the Blood Flow Restriction – BFR market.

Training with KAATSU is much more than occlusion training and is a leading edge concept that enables faster recovery, improved rehabilitation, and better performance.

Specific protocols and patented procedures have been created in sports, exercise, rehabilitation and wellness activities both in the water and on land.

Users from all walks of life and conditions are counted in 49 countries. Kaatsu has a lot of users from young Athletes to Elder people.

BFR Training or Blood Flow Restriction Training is known as Kaatsu.

Furthermore the KAATSU Air Bands are known as BFR or Blood Flow Restriction Bands.

Responses in order to optimise muscle hypertrophy and rehabilitation of muscle, bone, tendon, and ligament injuries need specific engineering. This differs the Kaatsu BFR with Non Kaatsu BFR products. The KAATSU Air Bands are engineered to measure pressure much more precisely than other products while they have the patented Cycle mode.





  • The industry’s most precise technology that enables multiple benefits for users of all ages and abilities.
  • It offers unique, customisable KAATSU Cycle, Progressive and Constant modes for Blood Flow Restriction Training and Rehabilitation.
  • The KAATSU equipment can be used anywhere anytime providing unparalleled convenience for people from all walks of life.







  • Whether your goal is to improve your fitness, significantly reduce your recovery time, or rehabilitate faster from injury, KAATSU can help you achieve your goals.




Recover faster from travel fatigue, jet lag, training, and competition


Rehabilitate more quickly from surgery and injuries of muscle, bone, ligaments, tendons.


Improve your strength, speed, stamina, and mobility for recreational or elite athletes and people from all walks of life.






  • Military personnel including special forces
  • Physicians from orthopedic surgeons to podiatrists
  • Physical and occupational therapists
  • Chiropractors
  • Retirees
  • Olympic, professional, collegiate, high school, club sports teams
  • University athletic departments
  • Amputees, quadriplegics, paraplegics
  • Individuals with cerebral palsy, MS, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis





As a non- impact exercise, Kaatsu enables effective, efficient rehabilitation and eliminates the muscle atrophy.


KAATSU leads to HGH (Human Growth Hormone) secretion that helps create lean muscle mass and stronger bones.


KAATSU leads to the production of Nitric Oxide to help maintain and improve vascular elasticity.


HGH creates increased energy levels and exercise performance.


KAATSU improves the metabolism and delays the aging process for individuals of all ages.




KAATSU Air Bands


ARMS: Measure the circumference of your upper arm above your biceps and triceps, just below the deltoid.

LEGS: Sit on the edge of a chair and measure the circumference of your upper leg, as high in the groin as possible.



  • Small: less than 11.5 inches (29 cm)
  • Medium: 11-13 inches (28-33 cm)
  • Large: 12 – 16 inches (31-41 cm)
  • Extra-Large: 16 – 21 inches (41-54cm)


  • Small: less than 16 inches (40 cm)
  • Medium: 16 – 20 inches (40-51 cm)
  • Large: 19-26 inches (49-66 cm)
  • Extra Large: 26-32 inches (66-81 cm)