The following Kaatsu Training reviews are from Kaatsu Specialist UK- Greece as part of services and purchase of equipment.

Meni B.47: I could never believe I would be able to have the same body weight as I was on my 27 in less than 40 days!

Naazi 42: It was the best and fastest way to prepare for my holidays!

Peter 38: In just 8 sessions I was able to win the most difficult opponent in Padel tournament. Unbelievable how fast my endurance and speed increased.

Hannah M.34: I’ve been working out many years but Kaatsu is very effective! It helped me to lose fat and create shapes on my arms that I was never able to have all these years.

Elham I.35: I love it! After the pregnancy I was never able to lose the extra weight. I was able to lose them with the 12 days Program and I never got them back again!

James G.32: Best exercise ever! Can be done anywhere and I love to travel with my machine.

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Jenny P. 33: Kaatsu is very effective for Weight Loss. It helped me to lose Fat and gave my body shape back in short time!

Lori T. 55: I’ve been exercising for years and it’s the first time I see results so fast on my body shape and on my performance. It helped me a lot to recover my skin elasticity. With my machine I can exercise anywhere.

Chris K. 48:The best workout ever! Fast, effective whatever I need to keep my muscles and my Body Fat in low level. I’m so happy that I have my own machine and I can exercise anywhere!

Reem H. 63: Very effective! I’m so glad I started to get in shape again. Just in 2 weeks I had improvement as I was in the gym for 1 year! I kept it on my lifestyle as it fits perfectly on me.

Hannie A. 42: Kaatsu is amazing! I’m lazy and I don’t like to exercise. But no matter what you do this thing works. Especially when I saw so fast results, it changed my life!

For many people KAATSU is a remarkable way to change their lives. And we are happy that we know how to help them.

Lilian P. 65- Severe Case of Artthritis

My doctors guaranteed that I will do hip replacement. Once I applied the bands the pain disappeared. I followed a rehabilitation program and avoided the surgery!

Dimitra H. 23 – Severe Case of Chrondoitin Knee

I’m 23 years old and i avoided Knee Surgery. Now I can run 10km and exercise normally!

Hara N. 65-Chronic Shoulder Tendonitis

I couldn’t even walk 50m and carry my bag. I was really suffering from shoulder pain and tried to fix it with all the ways( ultrasound- cryotherapy- acupuncture- manual therapy). With Kaatsu after 2 weeks I completely forgot I had the problem!

R.H. 65-Breast Cancer and lymphatic surgery remove

I was unable to exercise after the surgery 7 years before of the lymphatic drainage that I had every time. Now I can do men’s push ups and I’m so happy I can play Tennis again! Thank you!

Sia N. 55-Banium Surgery Rehabilitation

After 2 months of the surgery still had a lot of pain and didn’t have mobility during walking. On the 5th day of Kaatsu rehabilitation I was able to run! After 6 months I run my first 10km in m life!

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L. T. 58- Swollen face after nose plastic surgery

My face was swollen after a nose surgery. I applied the bands and it reduced by 70% the first day! I’m using it daily for skin recovery as a have seen significant results on skin tightness since I started to use it. It’s miracle the anti-aging effect!

N.M. 43-Last moment Marathon 42km running race

I run the marathon 42km with only 4 weeks training program! The best experience ever in my life to complete a target like that!

Manos G. 56-Car accident and 2nd degree Muscle Injury before Marathon Race

After a car accident 2 weeks before the race I was laid on the bed and couldn’t move. Kaatsu was the reason that I was able to participate on the marathon and achieve a really good performance! Still can’t believe it!

John K- Twisted ankle and swollen leg

I dropped a table on my leg… didn’t break but it became black and swollen. The Next day I couldn’t walk. The same day I did Kaatsu Cycle and after 20 min I run 5km. Miraculous mechanism!


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