The KAATSU Nano is a handheld, portable 263g (9.7 oz.) touch-screen device that works with both KAATSU Air Bands and KAATSU Aqua Bands. This is an auxiliary lightweight device intended to be used by one individual at a time while they remain connected to the KAATSU Nano throughout their exercises. It is convenient for outdoors and travels easily including perfect for use airplanes. It is intended for use by the Certified KAATSU Specialists who work with individual users in a KAATSU studio or with players at a workout site.

The KAATSU Nano provides amounts of compressed air to inflatable KAATSU Air Bands that are strapped around the upper arms or upper legs of users. The KAATSU Nano precisely controls and monitors inflation to the KAATSU Air Bands in order to optimally moderate blood flow in the arms and legs at different levels for low-intensity exercise appropriate to each individual as part of a muscle training, sports-specific or rehabilitation program. It can create pressure as high as 400 SKU (Standard KAATSU Units).

The Nano contains dual air compressors so the KAATSU Air Bands on each limb can be inflated to different pressures. This is especially important when the users are injured or undergoing rehabilitation on one side, or there is an imbalance on one side versus the other. There are several controls in the device and in the software that allow for the immediate deflation of the KAATSU Air Bands. The Nano can be used with standard electrical outlets or run continuously for 2.5 hours on a rechargeable battery.

The Nano has memory capacity to store information on 10 individual KAATSU sessions for up to 10 users. This data includes the specific pressures used, the amount of time spent doing KAATSU, the capillary refill time, and the type of exercises, can be uploaded to and analyzed at the KAATSU database.

The Nano can be automated for specific individual workouts through the KAATSU Cycle function. The maximum time for KAATSU can also be set on both the arms (15 minutes) and legs (20 minutes).

Personal information is displayed on a touch screen that also enables viewing of video files.

The KAATSU Nano can work with both KAATSU Air Bands and KAATSU Aqua Bands.

KAATSU Air Bands

The KAATSU Air Bands come in 3 sizes: small, medium and large for both the arms and legs. The Arm Bands are shorter and thinner than the longer and wider Leg Bands. Controls on both the KAATSU Masterand KAATSU Nano allow for different amounts of compressed air when using the Arm Bands versus the Leg Bands. The Arm Bands and Leg Bands can be inflated to different pressures depending if the users are injured or undergoing rehabilitation on one limb.

The KAATSU Air Bands are specifically constructed to inflate only towards the limb during KAATSU training or rehabilitation. Velcro on the inside holds the Air Bands in place.

The KAATSU Air Bands are sold as a set, which includes 2 Arm Bands and 2 Leg Bands, but only one pair of bands (either arms or legs) can be used at one time. The Bands should be placed as close as possible to the proximal ends of the limbs and placed over clothing, not on bare skin. The bands are connected to either the KAATSU Master or KAATSU Nano via translucent Air Tubes and Connectors. The inflation of the bands is precisely controlled by sensors in either the KAATSU Masteror KAATSU Nano.

The KAATSU Air Bands can be immediately deflated by various controls on both the KAATSU Masterand KAATSU Nano. Alternatively, the bands can be easily removed by pulling the Velcro tabs to take off.

What size of KAATSU Air Bands should you use?

KAATSU Air Bands are available in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large. Measure the circumference of the top of your arm (right by your armpit) and the circumference of the top of your leg (right alongside your groin). Those circumferences will determine the appropriate size for your KAATSU Air Bands.


Small: less than 18 km (7.06 inches)
Medium: 18 – 28 cm (7.06 – 11.02 inches)
Large: 28 – 38 cm (11.02 – 14.96 inches)
Extra Large: 38 – 48 cm (14.96 – 18.89 inches)


Small: less than 40 cm (15.74 inches)
Medium: 40 – 50 cm (15.74 – 19.68 inches)
Large: 50 – 60 cm (19.68 – 23.62 inches)
Extra Large: 60 – 70 cm (23.62 – 27.55 inches))

If you exceed 48 cm in circumference on your upper arms or 70 cm in circumference on your upper legs, then special order KAATSU Air Bands are recommended.

Kaatsu Nano package Limited pieces

1x Kaatsu Nano 4x Kaatsu pneumatic airbands (2arms+2legs) 1x Kaatsu Specialist certification