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💡Invented in 1966 by Dr. Yoshiaki Sato in Tokyo, Japan
🔏Protected by 47 patents, our equipment and protocols have
✅Impressive and unprecedented safety track record.

KAATSU Aqua Principles

The principles of KAATSU Aqua are the same as KAATSU Training used on dry land. The primary difference is that your Base SKU and Optimal SKU levels should be lower than the dry land pressures that you normally use with KAATSU Air Bands.

It is very important to always check your Capillary Refill Time is appropriate (i.e., your limbs should be pink without numbness). You should be well-hydrated before and during KAATSU, and you should first start by doing KAATSU Cycles on the pool deck. These principles are extremely important for maximum effectiveness and safety.

KAATSU Aqua Bands can be used interchangeably with the KAATSU Master, KAATSU Master 2.0, KAATSU Nano, or KAATSU Wearables.

KAATSU Aqua Performance

KAATSU Aqua Principles

Placement of the KAATSU Aqua Bands for use in the water is the same as with the KAATSU Air Bands on dry land; upper arms near the armpit above the biceps and triceps and below the deltoids; upper legs near the groin above the quadriceps and hamstrings.

After warming up with the KAATSU Cycles, you can inflate the KAATSU Aqua Bands to a level 50-80% of your normal Optimal SKU pressure. Similar to dry land use, KAATSU Aqua Bands should only be used on the arms or legs – never simultaneously use bands on both your arms and legs.

If the KAATSU Aqua Bands are on too tightly, you can always release pressure by loosing the bands. However, do not deflate the bands while they are under water.

KAATSU Aqua Rehabilitation

KAATSU Aqua Rehabilitation

Whether you are a competitive swimmer (healthy or injured), a triathlete, a masters swimmer, a water polo player, or a land-based athlete interested in working out in the pool, you can stretch while doing the KAATSU Cycle on the pool deck.

Training with KAATSU Aqua Bands in the water can be done without equipment or with hand paddles, fins, Bosu balls or water polo balls. Swimming sets are usually short (1-2 laps) with plenty of rest (20-30 seconds) between laps. Start off slowly with a conservative (i.e., low) Optimal SKU pressure. Take a few sessions to become acclimated to KAATSU Aqua.

Any kind of aqua therapy can be enhanced in the water with KAATSU Aqua Bands.

KAATSU Aqua Recovery

KAATSU Aqua Recovery

After a vigorous workout or between competitions, you can use KAATSU Aqua Bands to do several KAATSU Cycles. This will help to remove lactic acid and prepare you for an upcoming race or your next workout.

For additional information on KAATSU Aqua Performance, KAATSU Aqua Rehabilitation or KAATSU Recovery, email steven.munatones@kaatsu-global.com with your questions, or watch the KAATSU Aqua training and rehabilitation videos here.

KAATSU Aqua can be used for swimming, starts off the blocks, eggbeatering, shooting or passing. KAATSU Aqua Bands can also be used to develop strength, speed and stamina. For specific sets and to reach specific goals, feel free to email steven.munatones@kaatsu-global.com with your questions.

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